St Croix....the little-visited of the Virgin Islands

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Sat 19 Dec 2009 12:00

17 45 N  64 42 W


Just a quick update to let blog readers know that we are still kicking around the Caribe.


We had a good 5 hour/38 nm sail yesterday from Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas to Christiansted, St Croix…apparent wind 45 degrees off the bow and ranging from 18 – 24 knots. Friends are on-board Sea Mist with us for this week leading up to Christmas day when they fly back to Maryland.


Plans are to rent a car to explore St Croix over the next day or two before we sail back North to St John for more of the great snorkeling and hiking available there in the National Park.


Weather in December has “improved” with noticeably lower humidity as the days/weeks have progressed…water temp still at 85 F / 29 C and day time temps in low to mid-80’s with it dropping to high 70’s ovenite…..much more comfortable sleeping than when we arrived in mid-Nov.


No change in plans for the New Year…..still expect to sail to Panama in mid to late January with a Canal transit expected in the first half of Feb.