Enroute Report - Nearing the coast of Borneo

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Tue 2 Oct 2012 16:39
03 46.8 S 111 48.6 E

It has been a most pleasant sail since last report either broad reaching or wing on wing...only had to turn on engine at end of afternoon today for 4 hours to ensure our desired arrival time. It is now coming up to 1 am and we are but 13 nm off the tip of the south headland at Kalamantan. We should be at the mouth of the river before 8 am which will see us at the Kumai anchorage, 25 nm up-river, around lunch time.

We have been surprisingly unbothered by mosquitoes over our 2 months in the country; malaria is an issue in Indonesia but, since we have been cruising during the dry season, no mosquitoes.....at least not until we got to Bali Marina. Its location fosters mossies due to the extensive wetlands in the area where the marina is located. It was the first time that we had to install screens on all the port-lights and hatches...and we still got bitten....but Bali is not considered malaria territory. Quite the contrary >> Now that we will be going inland....and now that the wet season is started or about to start....we have begun our regemin of a daily dose of DOXCYCYCLINE to, hopefully, prevent us getting malaria. We also have sprays etc and will wear clothing to cover our legs/arms/etc....all the precautions recommended....particularly early morning and late afternoon/early evening.

DTG to Kumai anchorage: 69 nm