Photos - Cambodia Part A - Siem Reap 4 - Pub Street and Center of Town

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Tue 30 Apr 2013 09:17


I’m not sure what these masks had to do with the silk factory; I forgot to ask our guide.


Back to Pub Street for dinner this is where all of the restaurants are, so it is really easy to choose a restaurant by looking at all of the menus and see which one is attractive.


We tried a Cambodian BBQ at one of the restaurants.  They have a metal container placed on a piece of wood; inside the metal container are coals to cook your food.  A bowl is placed on top of the coals and then another round bowl with holes punched in it but a little smaller than the first bowl is placed upside down in the first bowl.  The server then brings a piece of fat that he places on the top of the inverted bowl so the meat and won’t stick.  They pour broth into the first bowl, noodles and vegetables.  He then brought very thin slices of meat to be cooked on the heated inverted bowl.  Delicious, better than a Fondue. 





Lots of entertainment in front of the restaurants, this fellow was the fire eater, he looks like rubber man, and he jumped through a hoop of fire.  After dinner you can have your feet cleaned by little fish, it is the strangest feeling buy they do get all the old dry skin off your feet and legs.


This  shot is a familiar sight in Cambodia and Vietnam, they don’t seem too concerned about the number of wires and sometimes they tie them up with cord because there are so many.



Siem Reap also has a night market that not only sells everything from jewels to silks, but they have dance shows as well. 



This is the fishing dance or dance of romance whilst fishing.  It starts off with the Khmer boys and girls going down to the river to fish, they start to flirt with each other, one couple fall in love and at the end of the dance they are congratulated by their friends.



Getting ready to fish




Falling in love.