Countdown to Sail Indonesia Rally Start >Saturday at 1100

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Wed 25 Jul 2012 02:46

12.26.927 S 130.51.048 E


Last days in Darwin > 4 more and we will be gone on our 3 day passage to Kupang, the Port of Entry for us into Indonesia and the start of 3 months cruising in that island nation.


Weather has been fantastic in Darwin since our arrival; hot days under the sun but low humidity and cool nights for sleeping.


All has gone well here…beginning with the bureaucracy of hull inspections/disinfecting for biological > then acquiring duty free fuel (price $1.04 per liter instead of $1.55 without the duty free exemption) > then entrance through the lock into Tipperary Waters Marina (Very satisfied with marina mooring, facilities and service staff …all well done!!!; and along the way, obtained our Social Visas for Indonesia and set things with Australian Customs/Immigration for our formal departure from Oz….so all the necessary “nonsense” is well behind us…..AND….most importantly (knock on wood), all the major maintenance jobs on my list are completed and there is nothing presenting itself as a barrier to our leaving on time.


All marinas in Darwin are located behind sets of locks as the 8 meter tidal range leaves the harbour access without sufficient water to float boats at low tide…..and would leave the marinas DRY if they didn’t control their water levels with locks.  So, departing on Saturday, requires all of us to have an exit time as only one boat at a time is accommodated by the lock…our exit is at 9:30 am…an hour and a half before the rally start….and the start line is about 40 minutes from the marina…so all good timing.  We are not too sure we want to be fighting with others at the start line….130 sailboats starting in one start….and many of these captains will not have had any experience in “sail racing:…so good idea to stay clear of the start line….and forget about the prizes being offered for first across the line etc….to instill a “event” atmosphere for local publicity, etc.


We intend to get back to regular blog updates once we start sailing again…..and hopefully we will have some interesting experiences to report.


Cheers for now….the Seamisters