Photos: Thailand: Northern Thailand and the Golden Triangle

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Tue 17 Dec 2013 05:59

Northern Thailand and

the Golden Triangle


We left the Karen Hill Tribe and made our way up to Mae Sai, the border town, but before we get there we have to see another Buddha and the Golden Triangle.


The Golden Triangle: the Mekong River is right beside us.

The Golden Triangle has been the historical world center for opium production; the Golden Triangle is made up of 3 countries Thailand, Laos and Myanmar that border each other there at the intersection of 2 rivers. In the last couple of years, Afghanistan has now taken over the lead in Opium Production and so dropping the Triangle to 2nd place.


Laos on the other side of the Mekong.



Back to noise and traffic.

We have left the countryside and we are back into a busy city, Mae Sai, the most northern city in Thailand or as they say on the sign The Northern Most of Thailand…

We were there for market day so we wandered around the market, then headed back to Chiang Mai.


The market is hidden behind the awnings and material to keep the sun off the fruits and vegetables. The blue colored structure that you see to the left is the vehicular/pedestrian border crossing into Myanmar.




Nuts and souvenirs what more could you ask for.


John at the arch of the Northern Most of Thailand.


We have one more stop before we get back to the hotel, just outside of Chiang Mai is an Orchid and Butterfly Farm.

Butterflies & Orchids

John wandered around outside the farm???....this attraction was not quite “his thing”…..