Spinnaker whew!...Engine > Fuel?....RAIN!

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Fri 19 Dec 2008 12:07

19 18 N     49 02 W

The crew reckons the captain was bored yesterday since he had slept well, no wind to worry about and the best sea state so far encountered……and so what did he want to do?,,”Have to try out this spinnaker to see if the 3 of us can handle deploying and recovering.  We should know rather than just be scared of it unknowing”. ….And so, guess what we did; we rigged the spinnaker, hoisted it, launched it, and, almost impossibly, got the damn thing back on the deck…..never again to be taken out of the lazerette when only the 3 of us are on-board….unless it is a casual coastal cruising day and we want to test our mettle again….even that scenario is slim until more crew experience is gained through assisting additional crew with the spinnaker in events like the Antigua Oyster Regatta.

So no real wind to mess with; worn out from fighting a spinnaker in 12-15 kts of breeze and now the reality of the lumpy seas fun of rolling around under engine power…..first 4 hours under engine, not too bad as we were at least able to motor sail. Then the wind dropped further and we had to abandon motor sailing….furl the 2 sails completely in…and then REALLY enjoy the lumpy rolliness of mother nature’s effect on monohull sailboats under power on the ocean.

But the good news!....Rain!! Lots has already fallen and although at the moment it is not spitting, it soon will and likely considerable rain for about 12 hours. 

And the really good news > once the rain stops about daybreak tomorrow, Saturday, morning the wind is forecast to represent itself and push us along nicely to our destination…likely some time on the 23rd (Ian’s guarantee appears to be invalid unless he can pull something unbelievably powerful out of mother nature or our dwindling fuel tanks.

Presently broad reaching at 100 degrees off the wind out of 130 M.  DTG: 755 nm