An easy ride; just motor sailing along in 1 meter seas

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Sun 24 Jan 2010 16:10

16 49.751 N  067 05.720 W

Uneventful over this first 18 hours. Have had to be on motor all the way so far but finally some wind is starting to come in giving us some good motor sailing but not yet strong enough to carry Sea Mist with out the prop turning. Beautiful sunny day with a few puffy cumulus clouds here and there but not enough for “shade” which would be terrific if it were available….more than a bit hot!


150 nm covered in the first 18 hours; our current ETA has us into Cartagena on the afternoon of the 27th; we will have to see how the speed goes once we stop the engine. We will not enter Cartagena Bay as dusk is approaching or in the dark hours due to potential dangers and a December boarding incident, so if we can’t be there with lots of daylight left for arrival into the bay, we will slow down and await daylight on the 28th.


DTG to Cartagena 642 NM (if we go there…will remain a question until we get closer)

DTG to San Blas Islands 826 NM