Photos: Road Trip around Nuka Hiva - Part 4

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Tue 29 Jun 2010 00:40

The owner had beautiful gardens out front and her own little nursery – some of the flowers were used as centerpieces for the tables.  Beautiful gardenia bushes or trees.



I once had a gardenia plant – these are trees.











These are just a sample of the flowers she had in her garden.


The Churches all seem to have the same architecture















Here are some photos of the archeological site – everyone has their own opinion-once you are there you find what it is you wanted to know.  

This is a little strange, he/she is holding a child, I think the child is dead, rather than getting ready for a sacrifice.

This is known as the ‘Threesome’…weird.


Remember the movie Congo?  This looks like one of the shots.












Thanks for sharing our moments, it is always very difficult to imagine travelling around the world, and we are doing it , so we don’t want to  bore you yet we still want to ensure you also get a taste of French Polynesia