Photos: Part 2 - Nai Yang Beach Market Day

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Thu 20 Feb 2014 09:00


The crab pileup.


Different varieties of crabs, who knew there were so many varieties.



I like their blue legs, their eyes go in different directions, giving each crab a unique look, they are funny little guys.


I thought at first these were the beetles they used in the movie The Mummy, but they had one opened up and it was green inside and smelled like a field of hay, so vegetable I think.


John getting more mangoes, they are so very good in this part of the world.


We knew what these were, many times we have no idea what the fruits and vegetables are.


You can eat fried everything, from stir fry to fried crabs.

This market, as most markets do, sold lots of clothing, makeup, jewelry, shoes and handbags.




Before we came upon his wagon we saw people with bowls of a jelly like substance in a clear sauce, Jelly Glass.


These are tiny little clams, the fellows who were selling them thought I was an odd farang taking photos of food.  The animal inside was a lovely salmon colour.

The prawns look like there in in a gelatin casing but it is just how the ice melting has left water all around them.

Dried fish a big favourite, you find the smallest little stores to large supermarkets selling the dried fish.


“Okay, one down only three hundred more packages of dried fish to go…”


Chili peppers and so many varieties.


The green and orange oranges are really juicy and sweet.