Time to leave French Polynesia - Now in Maupiti...our last stop

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Thu 12 Aug 2010 02:10

16 28.4 S  152 15.0 W


Decided to stop here to swim with the manta rays; word is they put in an appearance each morning close by where we are anchored. By the looks of the weather outlook, we may well stay put here until Saturday morning to avoid a system moving through. Will keep a watch on it and decide best onward timing. We have already checked out of the country as our Visas expired on Aug 9th…we will just have to stay “under the radar” for the time here…..no one has checked on us in the past month so it should be clear sailing.


On our arrival, we found a number of boats we know in the anchorage and we were told that there would be a bonfire/drinks/nibbles on a close by beautiful sand beach island …… so that will be our “busy schedule” for this evening.


Next report will be on the manta ray experience and whatever else we find Maupiti has to offer.