Location Report - Ko Muk

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Tue 25 Mar 2014 23:48

07 21.538 N  099 17.41 E


Arrived Ko Muk early afternoon after a short motoring run from Ko Lanta. We waited for some of the tourist day tripper boats to disappear from the entrance to Emerald Cave and this impressive hong….to be our first hong experience.


We dinghied over to the cave entrance…tied up the dinghy to a mooring ball…and, after jumping in, we swam through choppy water initially to get to the entrance of the cave….then the water calmed down and was just surging as we swam our way through quite a long cave…..the middle part is about 80 meters of total blackness….good that we were warned to carry a torch…or as north americans say > a flashlight……and then you come around a corner and can begin to see a bit of daylight peaking in in the distance.


Inside the hong, we found a lot of day tourists still…even though it was past 3 pm ….and we understood just about all should be gone by 4 pm….so a bit of a wait on a nice beach inside the hong….open to the sky above….photos to follow in a later post.


Today, we will get an early start in a few minutes…around 7 am and make it down to Ko Lipe, our last island in Thailand for this year.…looks like motoring as it is calm this morning.


Crew of Sea Mist signing off….hope our readers have a great day where they are.

Cheers, John and Cheryl