Wind is dropping back > time to continue westward to Cape Don

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Thu 5 Jul 2012 21:46

Cape Wessel - WIND WIND WIND!!!....howling winds forever!!! - it is now early Friday morning, and since arriving on Tuesday at daybreak, the wind has incessantly blown 25 to 30 kts (50 - 60 kph) here in the anchorage. The forecast calls for it to drop to 20 kts today and it is showing that new reality as the morning we will be departing some time this morning to cover the 302 nm to Cape Don, our next possible refuge.

We were thinking of what sort of land experience can confine you similarily and the one that comes to mind is wild, blinding snow, winter storms in a rural setting where the roads don't get plowed and you just have to hunker down and find things to do inside your home. At those times, there is little thought of heading out to explore the world outside and there certainly is no mixing socially with distant neighbours as no one can or wants to move around even if possible with a snowmobile.

In that context, we have made good use of the 3 days at anchor catching up on the boat work list including restitching some of the canvas/clear plastic panels that make up the cockpit enclosure. The UV exposure destroys the thread over time. Same with one of the big opening zippers that connect the panels > the zipper was destroyed by UV as well. Good that our "spares" inventory includes extensive sewing materials. I also completely disassembled our Lewmar 66 electric primary winches to give them a much needed service - I need to do the other 7 winches in Darwin. And, of course, we have had lots of entertainment given our very extensive digital library of movies and TV series.

And we had some great meals of Chez Cheryl's creations....last night was roast pork tenderloin, gravy, potatoes, fresh veggies and a unique, favorite complement, of fresh-cooked apples spiced with a great concoction Cheryl has invented for seasoning.

The wind direction today should be further back to our stern which will make the wind and the seas much better for a broad reach ride to Cape Don...if you can believe forecasts.

Ciao....the Seamisters