Photos: Bali - Part 7: The Palace

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Wed 10 Jun 2015 10:00

The Palace

We had seen the palace on our way in and out of the market, so today is the day we visit the Palace.

The workmanship on these buildings is very intricate and the designs all have special meanings, the Balinese know most of the meanings, very impressive.


John took a photo of me as he says I am always taking the photos, there was no name on the building so we don’t know what the king or prince used it for.


The secret garden, I love all of the gates that lead you from one garden and temple to another.



In other countries we have seen this type of building and it was used for musicians to play for the guests in the palace.


There were a lot of twisted trees in the garden with a covering of moss along the branches.  There were so many parasitic plants on the tree it was hard to tell what leaves belonged to the tree.


Another unnamed building, but the colours are great.


There were intriguing walkways and buildings but you could not enter into any of them.

This is where you go after walking around the grounds, sit under the shade of the Banyan Tree.

Many years ago when the royal family would inhabit their summer palace, this street scene outside their gates would have been very different.

This is our way back to the hotel.

When we got back to the hotel we found this fuzzy guy on our chair back.

Time to go to the Three Monkeys Restaurant for lunch.

We met a couple from Singapore who were here for some R&R and had drinks on the terrace of a bar overlooking a rice paddy and the Three Monkeys Restaurant.