Photos: Part 1 - On our way back from the village to our anchorage on Ko Phayam

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Tue 4 Feb 2014 15:40

On Our Way Back

To make it more interesting we were going to back a different, another road that would eventually lead us to the crossroads.

Here is the ferry dock, not only does it bring in the tourist but all of the food, clothing, furniture, etc. for the island.

We started to walk along our new route and encountered the recycle center, it was right beside the sea and the road we were walking on, in amongst the restaurants and shops, at least there is recycling going on.

But, where do they go?  ….and, who takes them ???

They keep the cardboard protected until it is picked up and taken…I’m sure they take the garbage to a recycle place somewhere off island or they  wouldn’t take the time to bag all the plastic water bottles nor keep the cardboard protected from the rain.


Beauty and the Beast, the beast being what we produce daily in the way of waste.   Next the fishing gypsy hut!

Yes people still live here.


Around the corner from the recycling and gypsy hut is a Buddhist temple overlooking the water.


A very picturesque bridge takes us to the Buddhist Temple.


Bowsprits from fishing boats….we couldn’t help wondering whether these represented “retired” boats….OR… boats which were lost at sea along with their crew of fishermen. The last time we saw something like this was in Vanuatu at the museum in Port Vila.




Guess what these are?


No, they are not Hobbit houses….nor are they souvenir shops.

They are made of cement and designed to replicate a tree trunk.

Give Up?


The Buddhist Monks sleep in these concrete tree trunks; I was actually taking a photo of the dog when he opened the door. I apologized and I think he realized I was as surprised as he was, so no worries, he didn’t think  I was a crazy monk stalker.