Now this is Sailing! Wind has been with us....and moderate seas

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Mon 25 Jan 2010 17:13

15 05.9 N  069 39.4 W

The wind became sailable just after yesterday’s log entry was posted. We are now 24 hours with engine turned off and have made 170 nm during that time. Seas were only a meter to start but during the night and continuing today have built and maintained at 3 to 4 meters. We are under wind steering on a broad reach with 20 kts of apparent wind at about 100 degrees off the port bow.


This passage is much more comfortable than the passage to the Caribbean from the Chesapeake in November when the wind was about 5 kts stronger while accompanied by confused seas; confused seas cause a gyrating “yaw” in the boats motion which is very tough on crew. These seas are “organized” – not confused – and it makes a world of difference to have almost no “yaw” and just have to deal with the hull “rolling” back and forth with each  passing swell.


Crew are content; we are celebrating Ian’s birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IAN !!  This is the 3rd birthday in a row that Ian has been with us; quite something after being separated by a continent for the previous 8 years.


DTG to Cartagena 464 NM (if we go there…that will remain a question until we get closer)

DTG to San Blas Islands 645 NM