The good old U S of has been awhile!

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Wed 4 Mar 2009 22:05

18 2064 56 W

Just anchored in Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas, US Virgin Islands. Uneventful day covering the 109 nm from St Martins. For first time in our Caribbean inter-island hops we had to use the engine power most of the way; the wind was just too light to push Sea Mist along and the seas too sloppy to put up with a half-speed voyage with sails slopping and boat rolling….so we motored about 11 of the 14 hours enroute.


Best anchorage in the St Martins area was off an idyllic white sand beach on a unpopulated island called Tintemarre…absolutely SUPERB!!


We saw our Toronto guests away to the St Martins airport yesterday (Tuesday) for their return to winter…. and our next guests arrive on Saturday to get away from New Hampshire where they had another 15 inches of snow earlier this week.  Although we don’t seem to be able to match the snowfall in any of these islands we are able to offer something appealing by way of sunshine, warm water and rum…..which seems to do the trick so that we can drag our friends away from the snowy climes of Canada and USA.


The next month will be spent lazying away in the US and British Virgin Islands… don’t expect many blog updates as we may be otherwise focused….this part of the world can be quite distracting!