Arrived Luganville, Spiritu Santo

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Mon 17 Oct 2011 01:18
15 31.41 S 167 09.82 E

We had a great sail for the 28 nm run from Vao this morning; it is now noon
....and we are "comfortably" anchored at Luganville. We had been warned that
this anchorage would be really bad in normal trade wind conditions but today
there is only about 7 kts of wind here in the harbour (we had about 12 -15
kts on our sail) and no sea state to bother us.

Next steps are:
- launch our dinghy for transport to town about a mile distant
- Check in with the authorities
- find an internet connection somehow in town > get weather info for passage
to Oz
- find the market and reprovision fresh fruit and veggies
- Cheryl will stay on-board while I do the above running around so that she
can start to work on her short list of work before the passage

CYL.....cheers, the Seamisters