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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Wed 11 Nov 2009 13:05

18 20 N   64 56 W


All is well in the Caribbean from our perspective here in the harbor of Charlotte Amalie, St Vincent in the USVI.


Arrived here about 1 am local time after losing an hour as we approached St Vincent and ran head on into a strong storm (torrential rain and winds in the high 30’s kts - close to 50 mph); that was just what we needed to wash off the salt and arrive “clean”. A few beers were tipped back to celebrate and mellow out…and then some uninterrupted sleep until 8 am local when the strong tropical sun beaming down just wouldn’t let us sleep anymore.


This morning calls for us to do our formal “check-in” with the authorities…..and then divide our attention in 2 directions:

-          relocate Sea Mist to an anchorage off a nice beach to get back into the natural way of enjoying the Caribbean…..swimming, soaking up the rays, a few cool ones to sip on, and just hanging out Caribe style.

-          And, secondly, get the boat back in order and begin addressing the never to be forgotten…WORK LIST…which is now a bit longer after the passage

-          Our guest crew member, Vincent, is with us through Saturday to “recover” after having what he calls “an experience”….which bodes well retrospectively for someone who made the decision to join us for “an adventure”…..and he says ..”that it was!”… can noticeably “hear” the absence of the word “fun” from anything he says about the last week.


And that’s all folks….the blog will be updated occasionally to capture our movements as we roam around the Virgin Islands over the next couple of months before heading across to Panama.


DTG to Charlotte Amalie, St Vincent USVI:    0   nm