Location Report - Kroko (Kroko Atol ??)

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Sun 12 Aug 2012 04:04
08 14.634 S 123 19.532 E

We sailed 17 nm early this morning and dropped our hook at this location…..a spot for which we have had good reports from participants in previous years’ rallies….as well as from Miss Behaving this year. If you look on Google Earth, you will see our location is close by an extensive reef (looking forward to exploring it) and an exposed sand bar. Only downside, looks like internet is not going to be possible …even with the Wifi antenna way up the mast. The reason for that is we are in the midst of volcanoes and there is no “line of site” to a telecoms tower. The positives look good: 1) so far we are the ONLY boat….and we are currently only expecting one other, Kilkea who were about an hour behind us so should be here shortly. Their daughter is in final countdown to delivering her 2nd baby back in Calgary….so poor internet connection may persuade them to head to Lembata so that it is easy to be in contact with Natalie on these important days back in Canada.

Although there were only 4 boats at the last location the first night….the number built to 12 boats last night…so no longer a secluded spot. Cheryl and I did have a nice snorkel/swim yesterday…great to be in CLEAN waters….the reef was big /long….but not terribly interesting for coral and fish, so it didn’t captivate us enough to stay on there. I did get the waterline cleaned on the port side of the hull….was worn out and cramping up with charley horses in lower and upper legs so could not get over to the starboard side. It was VERY much in need of cleaning as not done since Lizard Island. I will get to the starboard side now in this new location.

One of the items in our diet that we normally don’t pay much attention to is bread….always available everywhere and we load up a few loaves in the freezer if there is room. However, the last opportunity for bread was 2 weeks ago in Darwin….and those loaves are now gone! Knowing that there wouldn’t be bread available in Indonesia, we got a bread maker in Darwin and yesterday Cheryl tried it out for the first time…and a winner came out of the oven!!! So we are back in business when it comes to bread in out diet. Now it will just be the fun of experimenting with different flours/raisins/cranberries/nuts/etc to create some interesting loaves.

That’s it for now. CYL…the Seamisters