Photos - Cambodia Part C - Phenom Penh 4 - The Royal Palace

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Tue 30 Apr 2013 09:53

We left the hub bub of the central market for a quiet time at the Royal Palace.


The Royal Palace

Throne Hall


Moonlight Pavilion


Hor Samranphirum - I asked one of the guides and he said this building was closed to the public, used by students and yet another told me the King was buried there!!!???



The gardens are beautiful and I mentioned to John that when we get back to Ontario and buy a house we could do the same thing in our gardens, he grunted something unintelligible.


Teacher and student



Stupa and white lotus, there are four stupas in one central area,  they are in honour of two kings and two queens.


Shot of two of the stupas.

When we start playing around the sculptures you know we have been in the heat way too long.




My little camera couldn’t pick up the detail in the paintings.

Last flower photo



These were my first white lotus flowers.