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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Thu 2 May 2013 02:15

Our next stop was at the Temple of Literature; a major tourist attraction for Vietnamese tourists….as well as foreigners like us. When we would go to a place like this, it was always an obvious reminder that Vietnamese tourists within their own country account for almost 90% of all tourists….foreigners like us were always a small minority amongst the many visitors to a site.

On the walkway in, they had these topiary (i.e. fancy bushes) with Chinese symbols for?

There were young Vietnamese kids all dressed up getting their photos taken.  They had just graduated from University and this is one of the ways they celebrate.


This is a very old structure that plays an important part of the temple.  I think I need a recorder so I can remember everything our guide tells us.



We watched this little turtle try to get up the ramp.

He never did make it.

I had little green turtles like this when I was a kid, they were smaller of course but same face and colouring.





















They had a big tug of war with the young girls only.

We were entertained with Vietnamese traditional instruments, actually they were very good.


Guardian of the Temple


The Golden Turtle, apparently he is gold plated.