The Shaw Island Experience > 9 days of rain....wintery weather is taking its toll on our spirits

Sea Mist > Sold to New Owners July 2016
John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Sun 27 May 2012 10:54

We are into our final day at this anchorage at Shaw Island….where it has rained every day….and we haven’t even launched our dinghy. Tomorrow we sail over to Hamilton Island Marina …. A short distance of less than 2 hours sailing time.


This is the worst batch of weather that we have ever experienced in our 7 years of cruising the oceans of the world…..not quite what we had in mind for sailing the tropics.


Air temps have continued to drop as has the water temp….both now down in the low 20’s so a harsh change to our creature comforts…..if it keeps going, we may have to dig out blankets rather than just using  a sheet for sleeping…..we will try to not surrender to that admission….but it is getting close!  The positive side: no one is complaining of heat and humidity….and we don’t have to run air conditioning to get through the days.


The highlight of our stay in this anchorage was last night, Saturday, May 26th when we invited Marian (S/V Kilkea) to come on-board Sea Mist to celebrate her birthday. Marian, David, Cheryl and I had a great evening. We have been anchored close by each other all of these days….only separated by about 100 meters of ocean …AND RAIN! ….AND WIND!  This was the first time we had been together since leaving Mackay Marina as neither of us have put our dinghies in the water….the birthday dinner invite was enough of a cause to entice David to launch their dinghy ….and, in between the squalls and gusts, they made it to our boat and back to theirs without getting soakers of sea water….just the heavenly drops falling from above.


Weather report calls for clearing skies this afternoon and a sunny day tomorrow…..we are keeping our fingers crossed….maybe this time the gods will be with us to help us celebrate on Hamilton Island....wait and see?