Day 6 is behind us...a good one!...some might almost say an "excellent one" when you consider the range of South Pacific passage weather

Sea Mist > Sold to New Owners July 2016
John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Fri 20 May 2011 03:33
19 31 S 177 15 E

We have had a very good last 24 hours since our last blog update. Wind has
stayed about 25 kts but it finally came well around to almost dead astern.
The daylight hours have seen Sea Mist flying along "wing-on-wing" at 8.5 -
9.5 kts most of the time. Beautiful sunny day followed a bright full moon
night last night.

I went at the pages and pages of forms for Fiji clearance when we arrive;
all of these developing countries seem to figure out how to muster up loads
of government jobs in their officialdom that deals with foreigners moving
around. I even managed to find some carbon paper 0n-board ( now that is a
stationery item out of ancient history like rotary dial phones). Anyway,
Cheryl had some carbon paper tucked away in her stores of art supplies so
that saved me completing half of the pages I would otherwise have had
to....everything has to be in duplicate.

Most of the boats that left before us or with us last Friday/Saturday are
arriving tomorrow...some will hold on until Monday so as not to incur
overtime charges from the officials...we have not decided yet what to do. We
have guests arriving at Nandi airport from Vancouver at 5:30 am on Monday;
if we don't use the weekend services of health, customs, immigration....then
we will tell the guests to just wait it out at the airport until we are
cleared. If we do clear in on the weekend, then I think Ian will try to find
a way to get to the airport for the wee hours on Monday.

The new complaint ...IT"S TOO HOT!!.... ("new" since it has not been
vocalized since the last weeks in Tonga last October) is starting to be
heard on-board. VERY comfortable in the cockpit but it get get hot and
sticky below since we can not have any ventilation open when at sea.....have
to resort to Air-Con occasionally when we have the generator running for
other purposes.....mainly battery charging.

We will next report in form our new "home base" for these coming
weeks/months.....Fiji!! some ways hard to believe when you think back
a few years before this whole life became reality.
Cheers/the Seamisters
DTG to Nuvula Pass 92 nm DTG from there, inside the reef, to the 2nd
largest Fijian city, Lautoka where we clear in: 27 nm >Total DTG 119 nm