Arrived Port of first light this morning...Saturday, Sept 3

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Fri 2 Sep 2011 17:45
17 44.3 S 168 18.6 E

Just a quick check-in to say all is well after our overnite sail from Tanna.
Arriving in Port Vila gives us mixed feelings.....nice to have a chance at
civilization and provisions again....but it is also a loss to have left
those first 2 remote islands where we had such opportunities to experience a
rare part of the world that has sustained its traditional customs while
still welcoming outsiders like us to be their guests.......but nothing we
experienced was done for "tourists".....we just happened to be there as they
were doing things for themselves.

Hopefully we will find someway to get on internet here and post some photos
on our blog......we don't have high hopes...but at least we will be giving
it a good try.

Cheers to all.....expectially to our North American family and friends who
are celebrating Labour Day Weekend...the last big holiday of