Photos: Phuket - our initial days

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Tue 25 Nov 2014 10:00

Phuket Island



We have many things to do today, we have rented a car for two days so we can talk to the various companies who we will consider for working on Sea Mist. We thought we would share just a few of the images that catch our eye in the first few days in a new country/culture.


Our first stop is Rolly Tasker Sail Loft. They make sails here in Thailand and around the world. They recently built our new Genoa/Head Sail, and it handled the wind like a charm on the sail north.


Rolly Tasker was a very famous Australian Master Yachtsman and sail maker. The loft here in Phuket, where we are standing, opened in 2006….it is HUGE!!!     Rolly died June 22, 2014 but is well remembered in many ways….not just in his legacy of sail lofts.


Our day took us on to Boat Lagoon which is a marina and the center in Phuket for everything to do with working on boats. We spent much of the day gathering information, this shot caught my attention – beautiful yachts and apartments beside small buildings on stilts.


The little red car parked on the sidewalk, where the motorcycles park…


Shot of one of the many little Phuket towns - but ??? --the name is not on our map so it goes nameless.






These utilities’ linesmen wear black wool sweaters when they work - keeps them from getting burnt from all the hours in the sun….but how hot does it get inside a wool sweater at 32c?

These four fellows are installing communication lines for one of these buildings;  we just don’t see workers doing this back home!

The fourth worker is behind the pole, you can just see his white shirt…..but didn’t get him in the photo.

As our day ended, we were back in Au Chalong, time to pick up some supplies from Villa Market, then back home to Sea Mist.


Until our next update, we wish our readers a very Merry Christmas and a rewarding 2015….

All the best!

The Crew of Sea Mist