Time to check in....it has been too....too...long

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Mon 20 Jan 2014 01:43

December and January were a bit troublesome; I was diagnosed with protate cancer in December after our return from the trip to Myanamar/Laos/Northern Thailand.  It wasn't until after mid-January when insurance cover and treatment was sorted out that we became refocused on our long term intentions for sailing Thailand during  Jan-Mar of this new year.  So,  we quickly got ourselves…and Sea Mist….mobile and departed  from what had become "our home"…Rebak Marina…. for points North into Thai waters….departing Rebak on Jan 20th.


We have had a terrific 3 - 4 weeks so far in Thailand and will now post a number of blog entries to catch up on our wanderings.


As for the cancer diagnosis for me: it was caught early through my regular wellness check-ups and therefore all should be good. I will be flying to Melbourne twice in March to handle the 2 step protocol used by the Melbourne Prostate Institute for Low Dose Radiation Therapy….Brachytherapy….and that treatment approach "should" irradicate the cancer.


Cheryl will stay on-board Sea Mist at Yacht Haven Marina in Phuket Thailand when I go on the first trip - 4 days in early March…..and we will have Sea Mist back to Rebak for the 9 days  I will be away for my 2nd trip to Melbourne at the beginning of April.


This diagnosis was not quite what we were anticipating as the Christmas/New Years season was upon us and it set us back from our normal seasonal communication with family and friends. We apologize for disappearing off the radar. Anyway, all is looking good and we are enjoying being back in the sailing life …instead of being tied up at a marina…..as good as Rebak is as a home base.