Photos - Orangutans of Borneo - Part 2

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Sat 3 Nov 2012 13:22

More Orangutans


This is a pose you see a lot – they have a lot of acrobatic poses.



The feeding station

Stuart and Anyuk.  They are very smart, some know how to take canoes and row across the river, others watch the rangers and guides wash their clothes and they copy them, some clean toilets!


Tom the top dog of Camp Leakey.





He threw the cart (500lbs) over the side of the walkway, just because he could!  The dominant males always have the face pouch to entice the ladies and scare away the other males.  Two dominant males or new contender will fight to their death, unless the rangers can break it up.








They would do well in a ballet company.



This mom dropped her mango so she climbed down the tree and got some bananas out of the ranger’s food basket, she did this twice, her mouth was stuffed full of bananas.