Awaiting to transit canal

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Thu 18 Feb 2010 17:37

9 22 N 79 57 W

Arrived at Shelter Bay Marina on Saturday, Feb 13 after an early  (4:30  am) departure from Chicheme Cays in the San Blas. We wanted to have time to explore the Chagres River before going into the  Marina and the early start gave us the necessary time window to take Sea Mist all the way to the Gatun Dam at the top of the Rio Chagres. The river is absolutely pristine jungle with deep water (over 30 feet/10 meters) all the way up the 6 miles. Because it was early afternoon, we did not experience any monkeys which are in abundance in this parkland. We did see many birds and very interesting “water walking” fish scurrying out of our way.


We have completed all of the bureaucratic/paper work steps of our Canal Transit including paying $1750 of which half will be refunded after the transit as long as we don’t damage the canal facilities or other untoward things that they take the deposit to cover…just in case. We are likely to schedule the transit for early next week but have not yet concluded on the date. Right now the Admiral is busy preparing meals to load in the freezer for the Pacific crossing.


More to follow as the days progress.