Location Report: Ko Chang - the 2nd largest Thai island ...after Phuket

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Wed 5 Feb 2014 07:42

09 50.627 N  098 26.329 E


We decided to sail the short distance of 5 nm  North to Ko Chang to see what it might have to offer; we found the dinghy landing a bit tricky in spots as there was a fair sell coming in ….. and could easily swamp the dinghy as you landed …or as you launched.  We found the best approach where the beach was a much lower gradient and all worked well. David, Marian and I walked half of the LONG beach and, after getting a lot of inputs from tourists along the beach, we decided on a restaurant for dinner tonight…like just the 3 of us as Cheryl is a bit under the weather with stomach nonsense.


This island is much more sparse and "primitive"…but many very laid back little boutique resorts. Again making us realize that it is really a small world: we met a consultant now living in Japan for some 25 years but grew up in same suburb as David and Marian in Vancouver…..AND>>>…we met this young family from Milton, Ontario (living close by our son Shawn) with their 5 children: a boy 10 and 4 girls from 1 to 8…..very nice people. He is a landscape architect doing lots of work around Milton/Campbellville where we lived from 1985-1999. We had some good time chatting with them….and a bunch of other people from Canada/France ( a couple who love old Montreal from their times visiting there)/Germany/Australia (a young guy who is a writer….he has travelled all over the world surveying traditional (non-modern)health care practices in 3rd world countries and remote settlements. He was busy writing up his findings….seemed to be hoping that an outcome of his story telling style/documentary might differentiate him to gain entry into this developing professional field.  So many stories to relate….so little blog time for creator and reader.


The restaurant we chose for dinner: owned by a 60 year old man…a Thai with a university degree in Agriculture…has had this restaurant and tourist bungaloos operating for some 25 years. He has a large cashew plantation on the island….he spends 6 months here….and then 6 months relaxing in Bangkok for the balance of the year. Very interesting man.


When we came back to the boats after dinner, we found the swell and chop on the water not too pleasant….our boats pitching/rolling around.  Likely head back to Ko Phayam's solitude tomorrow.