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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Sun 8 Dec 2013 14:00

Shwedagon Pagoda

We really didn’t know what to expect when we arrived, just that this was one Pagoda you must not miss!!!!..... It is said to be one of “The Wonders of the World” and after having a short while to wonder around a bit of it, we would have to agree. This Pagoda was so far beyond anything we had previously seen….almost unbelieveable…but then in our wanderings, we keep finding so many things that have to be believed because our eyes experience them.

We took an elevator up to the top level and walked along a lengthy corridor, turned the corner and saw lots of ATM’s???  We then turned the next corner and realized why so many money lenders and machines, as this is a very busy place and people want to give money to the various Buddha’s and buy flowers and gifts as well.  All visitors receive a map and a brief explanation about the Pagoda.

The terrace area you see illustrated in this pamphlet covers 14 acres while the whole park is a bewildering114 acres.

By way of a very brief history….. sometime around 600BC, Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment and while he journeyed in seven directions, two merchants, offered him alms and food.  Having obtained eight strands of hair from him as a blessing, they returned to Okkalapa land where they were welcomed back by the multitudes led by King Okkalapa.  King Okkalapa and his subjects enshrined Buddha’s hairs together with the relics of three Buddha’s before him….. the staff of Kakusanda Buddha, the water filter of Kawnagamana Buddha and the robe of Kassapa Buddha ……… in a ceti 66 feet high which they consecrated as the Shwedagon.  Because it contained the relics of the four Buddha’s, it was known as Shwedagon or the reliquary of the four.

The Shwedagon Pagoda had been maintained by 32 kings from about 600BC to the 14th century.  In 1453 Queen Shin Saw Pu ascended to the throne and had the pagoda raised to a height of 302ft, the current height 99.36 metres or 326ft. 





This is where all the money lenders are.


Each one of these temples have a Buddha, this is the home of Boe Aung Buddha.

These ladies go all around the terrace washing the floors.

We have seen ceramic jars all over and they are used by the monks to quench their thirst, these were extra-large.

Even the monks need a map to get around…



Shwedagon Pagado

John in his correct garb, they didn’t want to see his knobby knees.


You are not supposed to use your head to ring the bell…

He was guardian of the souvenir shop.

This looks like a wedding cake, very impressive.

The gardens at the east side of the pagoda.


Another view of the pagoda, I never got a clear shot of the whole pagoda because of the thousands and thousands of the people visiting who were in the way….. and the security wouldn’t allow anyone to crawl up the smaller pagodas/stupas to get that perfect shot.



The corridor leading to the elevator has bars all along, so hence the weird shadows, but there is the Yangon River….and you can get a sense of how high up we were on the main level of the pagoda.


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