Back in Ao Chalong for a couple of errands...

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Fri 14 Mar 2014 12:55

07 49.12 N  098 21.52 E


Cheryl's laptop decided to fail on her….so we diverted today from our plan to go do the touristy thing of cruising around the hongs to the northeast of Yacht Haven Marina/Phuket….up in the area of James Bond Island. Yes…hongs:  (look it up…interesting geographical phenomenom >

( )


Hopefully we get some help for the laptop tomorrow….and then head back north to pick up our cruising plan for the next week.


All good with us and Sea Mist….had a few boat jobs to do/done while at Yacht Haven and that kept us a few days after I got back from Melbourne…..but my today, it was definitely time to caste off and get on with our cruising in the few days we have left before departing Thailand.


The terrible mystery of Malaysian Airline flight 370 is particularly disturbing to us….this whole thing is right in our "back yard"….. I had 4 flights to/from KL airport earlier in the same week…….hopefully something definitive can come to the forefront …SOON!…what a terribly disturbing thing for all these families…no way for closure to allow them to move on with their lives.