Update on Medical Treatment trip to Oz

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Tue 8 Apr 2014 07:38

Late evening on the 7th, John arrived back at Rebak from his week in Melbourne. The medical team who treated John at the Melbourne Prostate Institute reported that they were very satisfied with how the radioactive seed impantation went…..informing John that he should do very well in the months and years ahead.  In the meantime, John has and is experiencing side-effect, urination issues that, hopefully, will diminish in the coming days.  Overall, a good result!  Next step will be a follow-up CT scan to check the radiation dosimetry at 30 days post implant. It looks like this will be possible to have done in Penang, Malaysia…….a far less arduous effort compared to the need to return to Melbourne for that follow-up. Discussion on requirements for the scan are presently underway between radiation oncologists in Melbourne and radiologists at Lau Guan Lye Specialist Center in Penang. A CD of the scan would be expeditiously sent to Melbourne for their in-depth calculations of radiation dosimetry.


Otherwise, Sea Mist is once again doing well moored back here at Rebak Island Resort Marina. We are in middle stages of planning a trip to China during May before we head off to Canada for a couple of months during the Northern Hemisphere's summer…..dates in Canada (at family cottage in Pocologan, New Brunswick on the Bay of Fundy) being from June 17th to August 20th.


There are a few postings still to come in the next few days from our Thailand sailing. However, we do not anticipate posting blog updates regularly during our time at Rebak.


Reporting from Sea Mist's air-conditioned escape in the midst of Malaysia's heat and humidiy………the crew of Sea Mist