Photos - Kupang Part 2

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Wed 15 Aug 2012 02:55

Kupang Day Two

We went back to the Monkey House and an orphanage run by a family and they have about 92 children.  Many of the kids who have graduated leave to be missionaries and some stay behind to take care of the children.  They walk to school; 3omins one way and the young ones stay with Alfredo’s parents.  This little girl was new to the orphanage; she was three years old and had lost her parents three months before.  She was very very cute!

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The children never get adopted, so they spend their growing years in the orphanage and then set off for higher learning or whatever they have chosen to do.

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This is one room of the girl’s dorm.  They sleep two to three to a bed and unfortunately some of the girls do have to sleep on the floor.

The kids are well fed and seem to be very happy, which says only good things about the people caring for these kids.  They grow their own vegetables and grow enough for their use and to sell at the local markets. They also have a very large chook coop, I saw about 100 in the building.  The kids are responsible for the care of the chooks.




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Description: C:\Users\Cheryl\Desktop\Indonesia\Kupang Day 2ew Folder\Orphanage\DSC_0058.JPGThe kids entertained us with songs & dance.Description: C:\Users\Cheryl\Desktop\Indonesia\DSC_0076.JPG


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Some of the chooks get to roam freely, whilst others await their fate.

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The buildings look pretty fragile a  good storm could do some major damage.


The kids all have their jobs to do according to this little guy.



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We thoroughly enjoyed the orphanage, it felt good and we have to commend this family for their dedication.


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This was supposed to be a weaving factory, just squatters there now and one lonely flower.

The Monkey House

These guys come running when the people arrive, they know the bags of food will be bought and distributed.




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Waiting for us!!!

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This is the dominant male of this group, what is that saying...a picture is worth a thousand words!


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Mom was in a hurry to get to the food, you can see he was scrabbling to hang on.



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The two goofs seeing us off.



Our last stop before we head back to Kupang.Description: C:\Users\Cheryl\Desktop\DSC_0170.JPG


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