Photos of initial arrival in Galapagos

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Sat 17 Apr 2010 19:13



Land Ho!





What you see is the first island of the Galapagos Islands,  San Cristobel.  We are anchored in Wreck Bay and they have a special greeting committee to meet and

greet yachts arriving in Galapagos.


They meet and greet yachties from their own yachts,  the fishing boats, this crew look like they had a very hard night, the dock and even the restaurants.


The guy on the end is saying “Are you looking at me?” 


This wee fellow was just hanging around wanting to say hello, he certainly was not nervous around all of the people disembarking off the water taxi.  His mommy sunbathes on the steps.


These fellows like to hang out at the local restaurant on the waterfront.  Always one in the group who likes to wave to the camera!


We are partially official, immigration comes tomorrow to finish off our entrance into Equador,  Bolivar the gentleman we are using to obtain our three island passport does not speak any English so it is difficult to know  just what you are signing,  and what the heck the forms mean.  We received a recommend to fumigate form, apparently when we visit the other two islands we need to show our fumigation report.  The Agriculture Inspector asked if we had any fruits or plants on board, which of course we did – the agriculture inspector told me to hide the plant when I go to Santa Cruz and was not concerned about the fruits in the fridge.  She did have the the Port Captain  take her photo in the saloon and cockpit, I would imagine to prove she did inspect our boat, yes the word inspect has been used a lot in this message.


This is what we have to say about all this paperwork…




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The Sea Misters in Galapagos