Brief update ....still moored at Yacht Haven

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Sat 8 Mar 2014 11:38

All went well with my trip to Melbourne….the main outcome… the planned brachytherapy treatment for my prostate cancer can be carried out …given my body's geometry…GOOD NEWS!


I fly back to Melbourne at the end of March to be there for the implantation of the radiation seeds to be done on Apr 2.


All good here in the marina…..and last night we got to take in one of Thailands top stage shows…."Siam Niramit"….most enjoyable….very impressive stage complexity, lighting and sound!


We will probably caste off from the marina on Monday….and sail a bit south…and then to the northeast to take in the impressive "hongs"….and also take in James Bond Island in those wanderings.


Signing off….Crew of Sea Mist…continuing to enjoy Thailand and its many facets