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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Thu 27 May 2010 17:52

Our First Luau


We were invited by Jacko, he and Desiree came by our boat to sell grapefruit and invite us to enjoy a typical Polynesia luncheon at Desiree’s place.  Why not!  We met at the dock and walked up the hill to Desiree’s house, when we arrived, Jacko was just opening the  pit.







These outrigger canoes are the new and improved versions.  We walked up the hill to Desiree’s and couldn’t help but notice the fruit trees in every yard.  There were also chickens, few goats behind the houses, cats and chickens lying around together, so really when visiting the grocery store, it would be for luxuries that they can’t make or grow, very different from suburbia.  This is the pit the pig, goat and chicken were baked in.IMG_2595











They use the banana leaves for so many things, cooking, serving food, carrying hot food and the list goes on and on.










Jacko had to use his hands to pull out the meat and it was so hot he had to fling the pieces into the bowl, trying to have as little of his skin touching.  Jacko likes his wine, so he preferred payment to be boxes of wine.


The next shot is Desiree’s house, she also makes tapa cloth, and there are only two of them left, Desiree and another lady in the other village.  It is very tiring and time consuming so no one wants to do it anymore.  I bought a tribal turtle made from tapa to add to my handmade textile artwork.IMG_2607




There was a pen full of piglets, we asked where their Mommy was and Jacko told us she was last night’s dinner,  this little fellow is getting fattened up for next month’s dinner!IMG_2608


Even the puppy gets the scraps from our dinner, although he really did not like the breadfruit, after tasting it we all agreed, maybe if you add herbs and spices ???















You receive all of the pig – including the face, cheeks, eyes, just don’t look at the other side of the meat and all is okay,  I saw an ear in the pan and asked for just meat, nothing attached to the meat.  She also served rice and tomatoes with a mustard sauce over them, we ate without utensils, the tomato wedges worked well to scoop the rice up.  We still like to use knives, spoons and forks to eat with, especially soup!





After the dog had his fill the cat and hen came along for their dinner.  They use all of the scraps to feed their animals, nothing is thrown away.





This is Desiree’s daughter, Angel.


We truly enjoyed our first Luau in French Polynesia and we are looking forward to many more as we visit the islands.  We are going to Hiva Oa tomorrow to do some provisioning and check in with the Gendarmes, then back to the quiet islands to snorkel, swim,  and just enjoy paradise.

Sea Mist signing off.