Location Report - 2 Island Bay - Cape Wessel

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Mon 2 Jul 2012 23:48
11 04.531 S 136 43.872 E

Rounded the Cape at 6 am today; then faced tidal current of 1 - 1.5 kts wheile motoring the 6 nm/90 minutes south to the anchorage ...and found 25 - 28 kts of wind all the way including in the anchorage. But the good news is the anchorage is protected on the sea-state aspect even though not from the wind since this cape is very low terrain.

Overall, the passage from Possession Island was uncomfortable and not "fun"...but Sea Mist, as usual, came through it all fine. Although we left Possession at 10 am on Sunday, well behind the others, we caught up and passed all of those boats escept Relapse, a Kimi family. As we slugged along, we passed Sara II, Teapiti, Kilkea, Y Knot, Georgia J, and MIss Behaving just as we both rounded Cape Wessel.

As I write this blog entry, Kilkea and Y Knot are entering the anchorage. Miss Behaving anchored with us at the same time; Teapiti continued westbound when passing the Cape -- guess they have more appetite for the heavier sea state and wind conditions.

We will be now getting some sleep and then assess weather so that we can begin considerationa as to when to carry on to Cape Don > and Darwin.

Heard from Stu/SV IMagine this morning; they were anchored at Cape Don...with just about 100 nm DTG to Darwin

THat's all for nowq....sleep time ....or I will fall asleep on the keyboard.