Photos: China Part 12 - Suzhou- The Gardens and Canals City...."the Venice of China"

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Wed 3 Jul 2013 03:30



We left Hangzhou on one of China's High Speed Trains (300 kph +) and arrived, 90 minutes later, in Suzhou (Sue Joe)…..with a couple of minutes stop in Shanghai to let passengers off and on.

We chose a hotel in the ancient city of Suzhou Gardens.   There were waterways and bridges that connected the ancient lanes.  We could walk in any direction and find an old lane with traditional homes and gardens.

Garden in our hotel’s interior courtyard.

Koi Pond


Strange man on a swing...oh wait it is John.

The gardens and courtyards in the hotel grounds make you forget about traffic noise and horns being beeped incessantly.


We explored the streets around the hotel then ventured into the Lion Grove Gardens, the rock formations reminded me of Gaudy’s work in Barcelona.



This bridge is just 20 steps from our hotel….one of several bridges crossing this small tributary leading to the main canals.



One of the shopping areas.


Lion Grove Garden


Big Foot’s Doorway.

The labour that goes into the wood work on these buildings is beautiful – but in our modern world, who can afford hundreds of man hours for a small building in a public garden?

These are the grotesque rocks that are supposed to resemble lions, John also looks confused.

Lots of lotus leaves and rocks, zigzag bridges and bridges.

John really enjoyed walking through the gardens because of the different shapes of the rocks, I prefer flower gardens and ponds.

Finally no rocks!

The doorways and windows were very interesting, each time you see a certain shape in a door or window it has a meaning.

They certainly invite you to want to explore what is on the other side.

Once again we didn’t know all of the meanings.


This building is supposed to resemble a dragon boat > this I could see!

We are back out into the noise on the street with the hawkers.


Tomorrow we take the fast train back to Shanghai.