Photos - Mausambi Village

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Tue 18 Sep 2012 07:17

Mausambi Village


We met Vincent on the beach and he was our unofficial official, since the official ceremonies in Ende had been cancelled.  He invited us to see a traditional village; he said it was not far, so...we walked,


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And we walked,

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And we walked, pit stop for a Bintang Beer,

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Said hello to some of the locals, and walked

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You can see how clean their yards are.

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And walked, this village was very, very clean, they sweep their yards and the street twice a day.

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Many of the homes have an outdoor crypt beside the house, very convenient, you don’t have to carry Granny very far, oh I forgot and we walked,

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We waved hoping they would turn around but they just thought we were being friendly, and we walked,

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We left the main paved street for a well-worn path, met some more of the locals and we walked,

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I included this shot; it could be in Canada in the fall!


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And we walked alongside a small stream.

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And we walked down a dirt road,

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And we walked along a jungle path,

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And we walked along a path back out into open country,

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Four kms later we were at the village, yeah.  They gave us a very warm welcome and started what I think is the welcome dance and encouraged us to join them, and...some of the sailors didn’t need much encouragement, need I say more about John and Stuart.



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I say this over and over again, but kids love to get their photos taken acting silly.

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They hosted a meal for us, it consisted of well it looked like pork knuckle soup, vegetables, rice and Palm wine, about 150 proof.

We said our goodbyes, and walked back in the dark to our boats, and walked and walked!!!!  The walk felt very good after being on the boat for so long, a very easy road to walk on.