Bora Bora - a mix of great experiences

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Wed 11 Aug 2010 17:00

16 29.5 S  151 45.7 W


We have enjoyed almost 3 weeks at Bora Bora; had the chance to dive and be close up and personal with Lemon Sharks; bicycled around the island; climbed to the twin summits on the mountain; snorkeled in another “aquarium” setting....beautiful reef fish in shallow water with superb visibility; found a couple of great restaurants including the famous BLOODY MARYS; enjoyed socializing with our fellow Pacific cruisers at the Bora Bora Yacht Club where some 20 moorings gave all a primary base…..although many other great anchorages were experienced around the island close to all the thatched roofs, over the water huts, ritzy  resort complexes (Four Seasons; Intercontinental, Hilton, Sofitel,…..and on and on.  Look for Bora Bora photos to be posted soon on our blog.


To expand a little on the climb:  John just had to do the climb twice…seems someone told him that it only counted for Sr Citizens if you did it twice…..either that or insanity is prevailing…..not an easy climb at all…can’t be described as “fun”, but definitely a keen sense of accomplishment is said to be experienced when you are back down at sea level. The first climb was on a rainy day…4 of us took 3 ½ hours up and 3 ½ hours down…very tough as you had to use roots, limbs, vines, grass, weeds, rock holds, ropes… anything to carry your weight, mostly with your upper body,  as so steep and no foot traction on the muddy trail. The 2nd climb  a few days later was a dry day and followed dry days so a totally different experience….5 of us did it - 2 ½ hours up and 2 ½ hours down.  Keep tuned to our blog for posting of some photos of the fantastic views from the top.


Today we will again head out on our westward track toward New Zealand. We may stop at Maupiti….the last French Territory, an atoll about 30 nm from Bora Bora. It is right on our rhumb line to Niue (1050 nm distant from Bora Bora) which will be our next significant landfall. We may also stop at Palmerston Atoll (660 nm distant from Bora Bora)…..also right on our rhumb line to Niue. The stops will depend on what we hear from others that are ahead of us.


All is well with the 3 of us and Sea Mist continues to serve us well without any significant service items…I probably should add that the captain DID NOT LISTEN TO THE ACVICE OF THE CREW….and forced Sea Mist on to a sand shoal….took 4 hours to get her floating again with the help of all sails up in 13 knots of wind to lean her over and 2 dinghys pulling forward and from the top of the mast. A bit embarrassing but otherwise no harm done…..and did manage to get afloat again just in time to get anchored before darkness fell.  No tides in this part of the world to assist with refloating….only needed a couple of inches of water to float the 33 tons….but it was tough to find that slightly extra depth.


Will check in “down the road”. Cheers to all from the Seamisters