A new continent has arrived - nearing Timor

10 25.9 S 123 42.4 E

A brief check-in report; 2 hours to go to round the cape/headland to turn north to Kupang in Timor, Indoesia.

Winds dropped considerably right after my report last evening so quite a lot slower this past 24 hours....but not so slow as to give us a dawn arrival. We will now arrive at the Kupang anchorage abotu 2:30 am local time (which is UTC +8 hrs).

All is well > the lower winds and much less of a sea state to deal with made this a pleasant day....as the sunshine continues...and the moon grows fuller each night. It is a broken record on the sunny days.....now without a break since June 3rd when the "dry season" truly arrived.

Next report will be from anchorage....could be when we drop anchor....but more likely after we deal with the officialdom/bureaucracy of entering the country in the morn.

DTG to Kupang anchorage: 32 nm