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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Mon 27 Jun 2011 00:18


The Entertainers

I forgot to include some photos of the entertainment we enjoyed at the resorts.  My camera wasn’t working in the dark or the operator didn’t know what she was doing, anyway, these photos are from S/V Leu Cat and S/V Emily Grace.


This group had great singing voices!




Their faces say it all.



One other night we were entertained by the Policeperson’s Band; they actually could quit their day jobs and go on the road….fantastic non-stop music of all genres…mostly great “rock”…but, sorry, no photos or sound to share.



All lot of the dances are war like to show the moves they did to scare off their attackers, the Tongans attacked Fiji a lot.


The Fijians used this club to eliminate their enemy, the Tongans and Fijians seemed to be at war continually.  The conquerors would feast on the vanquished enemy using these forks.

There were various sizes for the different body parts, although gruesome Cannibalism was a religious ritual, their enemy was disgraced by being cooked and eaten.  The worst form of disgrace was for the fallen enemy to be left to rot or fed to the pigs. The chiefs and priests could not touch this foul meat with their bare hands so the forks were made for them to also partake of the enemy.  The forks became more and more decorative and were a sign of Royalty, just like the elaborate shell and feather headdresses the Chieftains wore.  Jeanette and I bought a couple of forks whilst we were in Tonga, but I will only use mine for olives, etc.

Photos courtesy of Fiji Museum



…and, to close this series of blog postings, we’ll share one of our views of a  typical Fijian evening sky…..


Good Night for now…..the Seamisters