Photos - Vietnam Part 1 - Mekong Delta - Getting there....

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Tue 30 Apr 2013 11:22


The Mekong Delta


We heard so much about the Mekong Delta, yet just associated it with war.  We booked a tour to see the river people and their floating markets, villages that produce candy and rice paper, and a very new understanding about the Mekong Delta.


We set off and our first stop was of course a bathroom run.  This gas, food, souvenir place also had fish in tanks in case you got hungry so you can choose a fish and sometime later it is cooked and on your plate.  They were very big fish so you had better be hungry.  Their rest stops are usually very large, large enough to accommodate 20 or more large busses. They all have a special feature, water features, marble interiors, landscaped grounds, lotus gardens and they all have a restaurant, grocery store and souvenir shop.




They sell some interesting things at the grocery stores, Catfish Bubbles?

There is no law against shark fins or shredded shark fins; there were bags and bags of the fins.

Are you looking at me???  I couldn’t help myself it just seemed to fit.




“Okay what was it again, turn the key or was it push the red button first then the key, rats I forget, maybe if I look at the button long enough something will happen”!

This is exactly what he did, we were at this rest stop for about 20 minutes and he never moved, just stared at the instrument panel on the handle bars!!!


Still waiting for something to happen.


We went by bus, boat, and foot.  We started off walking to where we would get onto a junk to see the floating markets and the people that live on their boats.  We started in a small village where the kids were just delightful.

You walk through this village to get to the boat that will take us around the Mekong.


These two little girls just wanted to say hello, never tried to sell her little candies or little pieces of paper.


So off we go on another new adventure – looking forward to a cooling breeze off the water as it is very, very, hot and humid.