Location Report - Puteri Harbour Marina

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Tue 13 Nov 2012 09:29
01 25.06 N 103 39.543 E

We arrived at Puteri Harbour Marina at 3:30 pm after having completed the clearing out process with Singapore On-water Immigration at 11 am....fought adverse current virtually the whole 30 miles....and zero visibility a few times as HEAVY rain pelted us. One of those occurrences was just as we were approaching the bridge across Johor Strait....and it has just 25 meters clearance and Sea Mist has an air-draft of 24 meters so it was important to cross under the bridge ...at dead center of the high span....and with a lower/dropping tide....but with zero visability, we just had to tread water for awhile below the bridge until the downpour let up. Then we could see the bridge and had no problem guiding our pass under it by sighting the bulls-eye painted at the highest point of the span.

Clearing into Singapore was extremely easy 3 weeks ago and, although hard to beat that ease and perfection, it was an even easier experience clearing out...what a delightful city, marina, clearance processes, etc etc....we must get back to SG when we can enjoy the city without "dragging a leg". I should also add that there were no clearance costs with the exception of SG$35 (US$29) on entry....good for one year of in and out of the port.

It looks like we may be here until Friday with an early departure at that time. Tomorrow, we have to handle the Malaysian entry process through their Customs/Immigration officers...the Marina say they will take us to those offioes. Also tomorrow, I want to take on the required fuel to fill our tank.

Nothing else to report at this time. Ciao...the Seamisters