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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Tue 23 Dec 2008 20:19

14 04 N  60 57 W

The subject says it all; we got in 6 hours ago (13 days 22 hours) and all we have been doing (after all the formalities with marina, customs, immigration, port authority….all those guys with their treasured stamps and ink pads…and a troublesome squall that hit just as we were trying to tie up) has been eating….and oh…something else…????....Oh Yes!...drinking. Rush time now; some Aussie friends we met and partied with in Lanzarote joined up with “us” a little while ago….well joined up with Cheryl, who was still on-board, while Ian and I had been checking out the locals and chucking back a few cool ones.  Anyway, we had a couple of beers (what else do you do in the tropics?….oh, I remember the answer to that question ……….. Rum punch>>>LATER!...) and now we have to have arrival showers and get over to the Aussie’s boat for a “few” beers or was it “8” that I think Peter said. Must run…it has been real!


All is GREART!  Cheryl has so much up by way of Christmas decorations, that when Ian and I just came below to head to the showers, he said: “I think someone puked Christmas in the saloon…look at all this stuff!”  He was, in fact being positively impressed…in his own way of expressing it.


Must go now. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL>>>will be in touch.


Cheers, the crew of Sea Mist

DTG 0 nm