Marquesas Photos 3

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Thu 27 May 2010 17:52



Tahu –means fire and ata means spirit.


We didn’t see any fire spirits but found a beautiful bay.  Hana Moe NoaWhite sandy beach and water the colour of Bombay Gin, Sapphire Blue, so crystal clear you could see tiny Blue Chromis 30 feet down.  The thing to do is go to the beach just before sundown and watch the fabulous sunsets, looking for the elusive

Green Flash we never did see it but did enjoy some spectacular sunsets.












The sky turned into molten lava, it really was a perfect night to see the Green Flash as there wasn’t a cloud in sight.

























We knew we would not see the Green Flash

too many clouds.


























The hut you seen in the background is a copra hut, they dry the coconut meat from which coconut oil is extracted, we have not seen this being done,  maybe on the next island.


We did quite a lot of snorkeling,  Ian saw a large 4foot grey/brown shark, it was too dark by the wall to really see his colour, I only saw his shape, I all could say was  “boy are we in trouble now, “  we carried on towards shore, the big guys usually stay aware from the beach, they like to hang out at the corners of the wall, lots of fish moving along the walls, but we spun around  like spinning tops looking for a large shape coming at us.  We saw three black tip sharks, quite small; listen to us, small black tips nothing to worry about!  We did not get photos of the sharks, very difficult when they are always hiding in the shadows and we are very busy watching where they are going!  There were some colourful fish by the walls,  I was disappointed with my photos, the water was so clear, yet the surf was so rough near the walls it was difficult to stay still and expect the fish to hang around whilst I zoomed in for that Kodak moment.

Cornet or trumpet fish. 



We do not have a book on Pacific Corals and Fishes, so I am mostly guessing,  Many have similar colours and body shapes to their Caribbean cousins.  We should be able to find books in Papeete.



The yellow and black striped fish look like Damsel Fish, whilst the dark ones could be Tangs, Damsel  or Doctor Fish.











This little guy looks like blue satin.  I like to call him Blue Satin Reef fish.









More Reef fish.






Perchance a Yellow Chromis?  


When we first encountered these fellows swimming with the yellow striped Damsels, we thought they were black, but once I zoomed in on them found they were aubergine in colour.







Tangs, Damsel, Trigger ???






Symbiosis amongst the fishies.







This little guy looks like a Trigger fish.







Little silver fishes, genus little silver fishes.






Goodbye, au revoir, apa’e.