Locaton Report - Enroute to Kupang, Indonesia

Sea Mist > Sold to New Owners July 2016
John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Sun 29 Jul 2012 09:57
11 11.8 S 126 38.1 E

The passage has been much faster than anticipated; in the last 24 hours we did just over 195 nm. But there is most always a price to pay for "fast"....lumpy seas and on-board discomfort as far as attempts to sleep. But all is well with Sea Mist and her crew.

We are the front boat and have been for half of our distance ...... after we caught up to and passed some folks who had been early starters ....some began a few hours ahead of us.

There are 4 of us who are easily kept track of...all of the 4 of us are visible with the naked eye as we have all been within 5-7 nm of each other. The other 3 besides Sea Mist are Paikea Mist (A canadian Couple from British Columbia), Miss Behaving (An Australian family with a 7 yr old boy and 9 year old girl); and a USA catamaran, Beach House. These 4 boats have been very closely matched in the conditions that we have experienced so far....it is quite something to stay so close togehter for almost 300 nm......without any "trying" or intention...it has just happened that way. 2 other boats are just beyond "our circle"...and they would be a catamaran, Renegade (An Austrian couple whom we have often been in company over the last 3 years) and Relapse (a Kiwi family - 2 boys around 10) whom we have sailed with since mid-may as we came up the Queensland coast.

Overall, there turned out to be 115 boats start the Rally - 80 of them going west like us..... with the entry port of Kupang as our destination. The other 35 are heading north to enter Indonesia at the port/island of Saumlaki. The 2 groups will come back together in about a month or so before we reach Bali.

So Sea Mist is once again performing well!!!....at the head of the 80 boats destined for Kupang. And we didn't start early > we skipped the tensions of the starting line but were fully under sail power some distance out along an extension of that line at 11 am. Only problem is our present ETA has us arriving in the dark hours of the night tomorrow; I think that between our management of our sailing and mother nature's forecast for diminishing wind....it should not be a problem by the time tomorrow night comes around. Should be easy to arrive in the morning daylight hours.

That's it for now.
DTG to Kupang 210 nm
Present ETA: 11 pm tomorrow, Monday ( it is now 8 pm on Sunday in this part of the world)