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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Tue 27 Jul 2010 21:45

Stingrays of Moorea


We spent the morning with a group of stingrays who allowed us to pet them and get really close to them – so close you could see how they breath.  I also noticed that they like to play stingray leap frog, they jump over each other, sometimes resting on top for a second then move off, quite interesting.  There was a local with his two tourists and he was feeding the rays, they must know him as they would head butt him to get his attention and wrap their pectoral fins around his body hoping to get a nice big piece of fish.  We are hoping we can enjoy more of ray, dolphin and sharks swims whilst in Bora Bora.  The rays rest on the bottom  and probably wait for some tasty morsel to swim by.










Their skin feels like very soft suede and if there was a do not touch the rays sign, you would get caught right away as your hand leaves a mark on their skin, then they go under the sand and all evidence is wiped away.















There were so many that we had to be very careful getting out of the dingy, we didn’t want to step on one of them.








They look like cartoon characters when you look at their mouths.





















If you look closely at their eyes they look like they are giving you the ‘evil eye’.










These two were just starting their leap frog game.
































He dubbed this striped trigger fish, baboon face.














































This was a big guy.


We were really glad we went over to the stingray site for 9am, as we were leaving we counted over 50 boats bring tourists over to play with the stingrays.