Barbuda...the most beautiful Beaches in the Caribbean...maybe the world...

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Sat 9 May 2009 17:36

17 3361 46 W

Sailed over from Antigua to Cocoa Bay, Barbuda this morning…about 45 NM….and anchored just a couple of boat lengths off the most gorgeous 3 mile stretch of pinkish coral sand beach….and we have this magnificent beach all to ourselves as the “season” is over and all the tourists have left. If this first sampling of Barbuda beaches is representative of the rest of the miles and miles of lovely sand beaches that make up the shores, then we will not be disappointed.


Had a dolphin playfully escort Sea Mist in the last mile or so with Cheryl and Ian on the bow trying to find some strange way to communicate with the animal kingdom…interesting but NOT melodic.


Must get on deck and jump in this water; water temps are running about 28 - 29 C (82-84 F) so not hard to take! Must enjoy the few remaining days of these terrific swimming waters as it won’t be that long before we are into the cold of the Northeastern seaboard and into the Bay of Fundy frigidity.