Photos - Palmerston - Part 3

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John and Cheryl Ellsworth
Fri 20 Aug 2010 22:00

Take photos of the flowers or,…















Just enjoying  the kids.  Meow and Ian.








This is Caroline, someone gave her a Canadian pins which she of course put


into her ears to use as earrings, one was fine, the other not so good, it broke off leaving the stem in the ear and of course the end has a large circle of metal on it too big to pull through the hole in her ear, although we did torture her for about 15 minutes trying to ease it out.  She will need the nurse to cut the hole then pull it out.   She is Bill’s daughter, I asked him how long the pin had been in her ear, he thought a few months.  Her mother is still on Rangiroa waiting for the supply ship to get her back, if one of the islanders has to go to NZ or another island they may not return for 6months!




Bob and Meow cleaning fish for JoJo the Red Footed Booby.










JoJo, The Red Footed Booby








JoJo after lunch, birds also need a nap after eating a whole fish.










Pleasant dreams JoJo.




Farewell to Palmerston Atoll and all of the Marsters.